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    Always carry a map and compass and know how to use them

    Always carry emergency equipment including torch, whistle and first aid box

    For those not carrying camping gear, a lightweight daysack should suffice

    A watch should always be carried or worn as it is important to know the time of day

    If camping, a long list of extra equipment will need to be carried i.e. tent, insulated sleeping mat, sleeping bag, extra clothing, stove, food, drink, mug, plate, cutlery, water container, tin opener and personal washing gear

    If carrying a large sack, the weight of the sack should be no more that ¼ of the weight of the person carrying it

    The heaviest items should be carried as high up and close to the shoulders as possible

    Some people like to walk with trekking poles

    Trekking poles relieve the strain on your hips, knees and lower back.

    Trekking poles also provide extra stability on rough and uneven ground

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