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6. Dalry to Stroanpatrick

St. John's Town of Dalry to

Start: St. John's Town of Dalry

Finish: Stroanpatrick

Nearest Town: St Johns Town of Dalry

• Distance: 7.75 miles

• Height Gain:
• Approx. Time: 3.5hours

• Relevant Map:
Difficulty: Moderate

• Terrain:
• Toilets:
• Refreshments:
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Route Description
This section is dominated by St. John's Town of Dalry, the ‘Walking Village’ of the Glenkens. The area’s many local routes combine with the Way itself to offer the perfect choice for a fixed-point walking holiday. The Glenkens offers a multitude of walks to suit all abilities and is a popular choice for many walkers to return time and time again.

Most walkers breaking the two long sections from Bargrennan to Dalry and Dalry to Sanquhar choose to stay two nights at Dalry allowing this section to be taken on less excess baggage and gently provides an insight to what is to follow on the 18 mile trek to Sanquhar on the following day.

There are several ways to complete the section Dalry to Sanquhar which does require vehicle back up, we would be happy to supply details, call us 01644 430 015.


 0 66.4 0 103.6
 1.9 66.3 3.0 106.6
 3.2 69.5 5.2 111.8
 2.7 72.2 4.3 116.1
 2.4 74.6 3.8 119.9
 2.0 76.6 3.3 123.2
 1.5 78.1 2.4 125.6
 1.2 79.3 2.0 127.6
 2.0 81.3 3.3 130.9
 3.2 84.5 5.1 136.0
 1.6 86.1 2.6 138.6
 5.0 91.1 8.0 146.6

Detailed Description

This section starts deceptively easily, with a walk up the main street from the Clachan Inn to a minor road to Creaganfois (NX 628818). The road ends as a track in a field, passing the hump of a covered reservoir to the north corner of the field where a stile gives access to a second field. Continuing along the side of the wall, cross it by a ladder stile (NX 632822) into the field beyond, then head for the far corner of the small plantation (NX 634828) and a stile, going on up the slope to a track (NX 634831) and passing in front of Ardoch House before turning right up a farm track (NX 633834) passing along the leafy edge of Ardoch Glen. From there, the Way follows the west side of a wall up towards Drumdellie Plantation (NX 637639) continuing along its left side for about a mile before a waymark (NX 638853) makes the walker strike out across open moorland towards the Old Hill of Mackilston. The archaeologist will note the presence of a hut circle (NX 637857) and the scooped shelf of a settlement (NX 638861) - both prehistoric features. But the Way continues to a gate and cattle grid (NX 636867) at a minor road junction.

The Way continues for a mile north and east up the minor road across moorland to Butterhole Bridge (NX 642880) crossing the Black Water.
N.B. There is a waymarked path from Butterhole Bridge on the north side of the Black Water down to the Blackwater Youth Hostel (NX 615883).
The Way continues from Butterhole north up the road for a few hundred yards before a waymark (NX 643883) guides the walker north up the side of Marskaig Hill, to cross a wall and continue northwards over Culmark Hill (NX 642897) then down to the edge of Culmark Farm (NX 644904). The farm track continues the way northwards round the edge of Blackmark Plantation and past Stroanfreggan Cairn (NX 640914) to the B729 road (NX 639917).
N.B: Both Butterhole and Stroanpatrick can be considered as reserve roadheads (pick up points) by walkers accompanied by vehicles.